During the visit of Kavre and Sindhu district's village we found lack of raw coffee market and coffee farmers are harassment start to cut their coffee Trees. And they do not have any idea to processing and cup testing which they produced. At that time we through to market their product and established Everest Coffee Mills in 1995 in Kavre district far from 45 Kilometers form Kingdom.

With knowing this, we awareness them about nursery , cultivate, Harvesting, topping, diseases, organic treatment and use of compost to make organic coffee. Recently we have 175 Coffee producer's farmers group (Each group Minimum 25 family & maximum 75 family) who produced 30-ton dry coffee, it means 25 tons of Green beans every year.
Strategy of Company:
After getting knowledge of roasting form Japan, 50 % of production is marketing in local at Hotel, Restaurant, Café shop and major department store for local consumers in Light Roast, Medium Roast, Dark Roast, Hard Roast ground and beans coffee.

We process Coffee in micro lot which collect from different district in different lots and export as their district name like KASKI COFFEE, ILAM COFFEE, LAPU COFFEE, KAVRE COFFEE etc.

The company has been providing coffee production awareness training with necessary technical and material support to the producers groups. The farm level processing is being done at group level in a cooperative concept for which the company has provided necessary tools and equipments and given guarantees to buy back for quality products. Our farmers taught by coffee expertise from El-Salvador, USA, Hawaii said that taste of Nepali coffee was similar with Mexican coffee.

Everest coffee company has been exporting green beans and roasted coffee since 1995 in Japan, USA and Europe. Company has exported 50 tons of Green Beans Coffee in 2007 to Japan. Annual Production of company is 100 tons of Green beans coffee. Export standard bag is 30 Kgs & 60 Kgs in jute bag of green beans and 250 grams & 500 grams of roasted ground or beans. Consignment can be send thru Air or Sea depends on your order volume.